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Tip sadilica rasada
Godina proizvodnje 2018
Lokacija Hrvatska Virovitica
Datum objavljivanja 17 Sep 2019
Autoline ID PK16690
Stanje novi
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Dodatne informacije:

On foil transplanting machine FTM presents newest technological sollution for transplanting all types of plants, bulbs even a seeds with remarcable results regarding work effects and vegetable quality and yield.
This transplanting machine is versatile and so it is possible to transplant plant in soil blocks, modules, bulbs and seeds which are being transplanted on previously prepared bare soil, or even on already laid foil. Planting itself is being carried out by the system of cups allowing deep digging of young plants in the soil. This machine achieves high work performance and have high degree of adaptability thanks to great number of possible adjustments. Its versatility to adapt planting different cultures can be confirmed by its users (our previous customers) which used this machine to transplant cultures such as: paprika, pepper, watermellos, tobacco and even Paulownia trees.
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